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Stop Tap Spindle Repair

This video shows you how you can repair a leaking spindle on your stop tap. Remember most garden taps are designed the same as in the video, you can apply this method to your garden tap.

We hope this helps you stop that annoying leak, stops your property from damage, and saves you water especially if you're on a meter.

Materials used in this video:

- Loctite 55

- Adjustable spanner

- Small flathead screwdriver


We use a team of experienced and qualified plumbers with over 22 years of experience in the plumbing trade who are able to solve all of your plumbing-related requirements quickly and efficiently in Woodford Green – from upgrading and replacement of outdated hot and cold water plumbing system pipework.

We have the knowledge to tackle the most complex jobs and are here to help you complete your renovation projects. New or existing. Don't stress, We've got you covered in Woodford Green. 

An Unexpected Burst Pipework

It can cause immediate damage to your home, that's why we have a 24-hour emergency plumbing service in Loughton, Essex to assist you in getting the leak under control fast.

Domestic or Commercial Plumbing

Whether it be domestic plumbing or commercial plumbing systems our emergency plumbers in London and Essex rest assured we have you covered. Our team is highly efficient with the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the plumbing field. 

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  • Water leak detection

  • Shower repairs and installs

  • Immersions heater replacement

  • Unvented cylinders

  • Taps, traps, toilets

  • Radiator replacement

  • Blocked wastes

  • Pipework and waste alterations

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